Move More Iredell with Piedmont HealthCare


April is Move More Month and the American Heart Association and Piedmont HealthCare are encouraging you to move more all month long wherever you may be! Take a stand (literally)! Walk and talk while on a call. Do lunges while you are cooking dinner. Get the family dancing in the living room. It all counts and simple steps can make a big difference! Join us on a journey to move more during the month of April!

We’ll be sharing tips and tools to make it easy. Share these resources with your family, friends, and co-workers around the country. We also encourage you to share your pictures and videos of you and your families moving more with #IredellHeartBall and tag @TriadAHA on Facebook/Instagram or @TriadHeart on Twitter  with @PiedmontHealthCare. Thank you to Piedmont HealthCare for being our Move More Iredell Sponsor for this year’s Iredell Heart Ball!

Ready, Set, MOVE!