Mooresville town manager out for medical reasons, board to consider acting manager



Mooresville Town Manager David Treme shared with Town Board members and senior staff Monday evening, February 25, that he is not able to serve as Town Manager over the next two weeks for medical reasons. The Town’s Charter and the general statutes provide that in the event of the Manager’s absence or disability, the Board should appoint a qualified officer to serve as acting Town Manager in his absence. Assistant Town Attorney Sharon Crawford advised the Town Board on Tuesday, “Until an acting manager is approved by the Board, the Town is effectively operating without a manager and all documents and contracts requiring Mr. Treme’s signature will remain unsigned.”

Due to the urgency of this matter, a 48 hour notice sent out today for Friday morning’s Agenda Briefing was updated to include this item of New Business so the Board can vote to appoint an acting Town Manager on Friday.

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