Mooresville seeking input on parks and recreation

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MOORESVILLE, N.C. – If you could design a Town park, what would it look like? Would it be large and centrally located, or smaller and tucked away in your neighborhood? Would it have playgrounds, ball fields and a climbing wall, or would it invite more passive outdoor activities? What about future recreation programs? What classes should be offered and where?

Mooresville and South Iredell residents have an opportunity to share their thoughts through an online survey at that will shape the planning process for the future of parks, recreation and cultural services in Mooresville. The survey is open until the end of August.

“The Mooresville community has always valued healthy outdoor lifestyles and strong social connections, and that’s what our parks and recreation services are all about,” said Dick Poore, Director of Cultural & Recreation Services. “It’s important to hear from residents as we plan for the future to ensure we meet their needs and expectations.”

Mooresville’s Cultural & Recreation Services is developing an updated plan for future parks and recreation services to ensure resources are aligned with current and future trends, community values and the Town’s changing demographics. In addition to the previously conducted public meetings, interviews and focus groups with the public, the process will also have a scientific survey that will be mailed to random households in Mooresville and southern Iredell County.

The assessment and action plan are expected to be completed by late fall of 2015. For more information, contact Daniel Stines at 704-663-2801 or

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