Mooresville schools announce teachers of the year



Congratulations to all of our 2015 Teachers of the Year and 2015 Beginning Teachers of the Year in Mooresville Graded School District! Certainly all of the school nominees were well deserving of this honor, and we recognize the exceptional level of each of our teaching professionals in the Mooresville Graded School District! Being selected as Teachers and Beginning Teachers of the Year acknowledges the service to students, collegiality with their colleagues, overall professionalism and standard of excellence in education that these teachers exemplify. MGSD recognizes the hard work that all of our teachers do and encourage them to continue the mission of preparing our children to be successful and responsible citizens in a globalized workplace, economy, and community. Every child, every day!

Congratulations to:
Park View Elementary School
TOY: Frank Saraco
BTOY: Jessica Stanley

Rocky River Elementary School
TOY: Lauren Wally
BTOY: Jenna Fioravanti

South Elementary School
TOY: Michele Voos
BTOY: Rita Marie Brannon

East Mooresville Intermediate School
TOY: Debbie Birchett
BTOY: Danielle Patinka

Mooresville Intermediate School
TOY: Susan Menkel
BTOY: Rebekah Jack

Mooresville Middle School
TOY: Allen Stevens
BTOY: Ashley Graney

Mooresville High School
TOY: Chief Steve Tate
BTOY: Kelsey Agar

NF Woods Advanced Technology and Arts Center
TOY: Tommy Chester

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Author: WSIC editor