Mooresville officer recognized for helping save woman’s life


Pictured above: Officer Stacey Hughes (center) is honored for her role in saving a woman’s life at a local gas station in December – Picture courtesy of the Town of Mooresville


During the February 4 meeting of Mooresville’s Town Board, Officer Stacey Hughes was honored for her role in saving a life on December 9.

Officer Hughes entered Quik Trip on West Plaza Drive, where she encountered a woman struggling to breathe. Hughes immediately called for medical assistance, and shortly after doing so, the woman became unresponsive.

Utilizing her training, Officer Hughes immediately did several sternum rubs, in an attempt to keep the woman conscious. When that didn’t work, she began to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and continued doing so until emergency medical personnel arrived on scene.

The woman made a full recovery, thanks to Officer Hughes, who was commended with the Mooresville Police Department’s Life Saver Award.

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