Mooresville Middle School honors veterans

Mooresville Middle School recognizes veterans Submitted photo
Mooresville Middle School recognizes veterans
Submitted photo


Students at Mooresville Middle School invited a veteran to school in honor of Veteran’s Day. When presented with a call to duty – the veterans showed up wearing pride in their hearts to be able to exchange their experiences and stories to some 50 students on Monday, November 10, for brunch. The students were even more excited to bring their own special hero to school. The school’s PTSO served 100 veterans and students brunch while the school’s chorus students sang patriotic songs. This event was co-sponsored by the school’s forty members of the Salute the Troops club.

“It was truly an honor for some of our local veterans to come to our school,” remarked Dr. Tulbert, MMS principal. Just about all branches of the military were in attendance. Students were encouraged to consider family members or family friends that are local veterans to bring to school. “In appreciation for their service, our veterans deserve the honor of being recognized and appreciated, and we hope they felt honored through this momentous event,” concluded Dr. Tulbert. A poem was read by student, Allie Hildebran, that captured the event entitled, “American Soldier, Rise” by Gregory Boyer.

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