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Mooresville, NC — The North Carolina Technology in Education Society held its annual conference March 5-7, 2014 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Allison Long, Media Specialist of Mooresville Middle School, received the 2014 Media Specialist Technology Innovation Award. The purpose of this award is to identify, promote, and sustain excellence in collaborative and innovative technology-based projects driven by the school library media center in support of curricular and instructional needs in elementary, middle, and high schools. Long was nominated for this award because of her continued commitment to technology in education.

In her 23rd year as an educator, Long has spent the past 16 years as the Media Specialist at Mooresville Middle school. As a lifelong learner, Long has earned distinguished titles such as a Discovery Education DenStar and a Common Sense Educator.

She is quietly determined to ensure the media center is cutting edge, while keeping the tradition of a learning library available for her students. Through innovative collaboration with classroom teachers, Long has incorporated learning stations in the media center. The library is open after hours for students to work on projects, do research, or just read.

Long leads by example. She is constantly reading herself and writing blog entries to encourage her students to be more engaged readers. Long collaborates with her teachers designing lessons involving group projects and research. She feels It is important for her students to feel comfortable in the library, so they keep coming back.

Allison Long is truly a leader in literacy and continues to share her creativity and willingness to help all students. It is with great pleasure that NCTIES awards the 2014 Media Specialist Technology Innovation Award to Allison Long. With this award, NCTIES gives a check for $1000 to Mooresville Middle School’s media center.

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