Mooresville Commissioners approve contract for Town Manager

Downtown Mooresville – WSIC File Photo


MOORESVILLE, NC – During tonight’s Town Board meeting, the Board of Commissioners approved a contract with Dave Treme to remain on staff through December 2018 to continue with the transition plan put in place upon the retirement of former manager Erskine Smith on December 31, 2016. Also, Treme’s title will change from Interim Town Manager to Town Manager.

“Members of the Town Board have been so pleased with the management style of Dave Treme during this transition time,” said Atkins. “There is so much more work we wish to accomplish before we bring in a new, long-term Town Manager. Working out an extended arrangement with Mr. Treme allows us to work through two full budget cycles and complete some of the projects we already have in process.”

Commissioner & Mayor Pro Tem Thurman Houston added, “The Board is committed to continuing the search for a long-term Town Manager in 2018 but we felt this change of status for Mr. Treme allows us to focus on key strategic goals and not try to hire someone mid-way through an important process that may change our direction completely.”

“It has been a pleasure serving this fine community for the last several months,” said Treme. “Mooresville is a dynamic community with much to offer anyone willing to set down their roots and get involved. This staff is phenomenal and I am looking forward to seeing some projects completed during my tenure.”

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