Mooresville 3rd graders decide on their own to write welcome notes to new student


Pictured above: One of the notes written by a 3rd grader at Woodland Heights Elementary after learning she was getting a new classmate – Picture courtesy of Veronica Wolkan via Twitter (@MissWolkan)

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (WSIC NEWS) – There are some extremely thoughtful and conscientious students in one third grade classroom at Woodland Heights Elementary School in Mooresville.

Veronica Wolkan says her students decided on their own they wanted to write welcoming notes after learning they would be getting a new classmate. Wolkan says her favorite part about the notes was when students offered to be the girl’s friend.

“She had a smile from ear to ear and her mother was so thankful,” says Wolkan. “And, she fit in quite well.”

Wolkan shared pictures of some of the index card welcome notes on Twitter. Some of the notes included drawings. One told the new student “every day will be great.”

“Our class is just so full of kindness,” says Wolkan. “It was so natural for them to be curious about her and to want to invite her and give a warm welcome to her.”

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