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We are pleased to announce our 2016 Teachers of the Year and 2016 Beginning Teachers of the Year! Certainly all of the school nominees were well deserving of this honor and we recognize the exceptional level of each of our teaching professionals in the Mooresville Graded School District! Winning this great honor means that the selected teachers’ service to the students, collegiality with colleagues, overall professionalism and standard of excellence in education has been acknowledged and appreciated at each of their individual schools. Through love and dedication, these teachers give of themselves everyday in the mission of preparing our children to be successful and responsible citizens in a globalized workplace, economy, and community. Please help us in saluting these outstanding teachers and saying thank you for all that they do for every child, every day!

Congratulations to:

East Mooresville Intermediate School
TOY: Sarah King
BTOY: Kendal West
Mooresville Intermediate School
TOY: Stephanie Shaw
BTOY: Olivia Richardson
Rocky River Elementary School
TOY: Lori Dunbar
BTOY: Lisa Cooper
Park View Elementary School
TOY: Deb Vehar
BTOY: Lisa Allen
South Elementary School
TOY: Erin Micklow
BTOY: Rita Marie Brannon
Mooresville Middle School
TOY: Sharon Simpson
BTOY: Jordan Foushee
Mooresville High School
TOY: Lindsay Knippenberg
BTOY: Nic Allen
NF Woods Advanced Technology and Arts Center
TOY: Robert Bridges
BTOY: Jason Key

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