MGSD again recognized for its digital efforts

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Sacramento, Calif. — June 27, 2017 — The Center for Digital Education (CDE), in partnership with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), recognized K-12 schools that are breaking new ground in the use of digital content and curriculum at the fifth-annual Digital Content and Curriculum Achievement Awards (DCCAA) in San Antonio last night.

“These schools are successfully implementing digital content and curriculum in ways that are improving student success,” said Dr. Kecia Ray, executive director of the Center for Digital Education. “In doing so, they are setting a great example for other schools to follow in how to use technology to spark student engagement.”

DCCAA awards are presented to schools in three categories: Large District/Schools (12,000 or more students), Medium District/Schools (3,000 – 12,000 students) and Small District/Schools (up to 3,000 students).

Schools earning top honors include:

  • Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD), NC – M-Powerment Strategies
    MGSD developed their Instructional Foundations and Effective Practices, or M-Powerment Strategies program, to build on the district’s goals for classroom technology adoption and digital conversion. The district consistently ranks as a top five North Carolina public school district in academic achievement and technology integration, and attributes that success in part to the contributions of technology, infrastructure and digital content. The graduation rate and college-going rate for graduating students have also both increased.
  • Napa County Office of Education, CA – Digital Early Literacy
    More than 85 percent of children in Napa County preschools are native Spanish-speaking. Napa County preschools therefore implemented a Digital Early Literacy program to help narrow the gap in language skills between native and non-native English-speaking students. The program uses an app which teaches literacy skills including vocabulary, sounds, letters, words, nursery rhymes and colors; and includes a digital library of interactive books and games. Through partnerships with Napa Valley Community Housing, the app is available in women’s shelters, libraries and health clinics.

The Digital Content and Curriculum Achievement Awards program was established by CDE to recognize schools for their innovation and diligence in digital content and curriculum program implementation.

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