Man sentenced after pillow cases used to haul stolen items

Tyler Potter - Picture courtesy of the Office of District Attorney David Learner
Tyler Potter – Picture courtesy of the Office of District Attorney David Learner


A Lenoir man pleaded guilty as charged to breaking into and entering numerous Caldwell County homes during a two-month time period in late 2014.

Tyler Lawson Potter, 31, was sentenced to an active prison term of 44 to 92 months in custody of the North Carolina Division of Adult Corrections by the Honorable Daniel A. Kuehnert, Superior Court Judge from Burke County, during Caldwell County Superior Court on Monday, Feb. 6, 2017.

Judge Kuehnert ordered 60 months of supervised probation to follow Potter’s active sentence. Failure to successfully complete probation will result in another 11-23 months in prison for Potter.

The defendant’s active sentence will begin at the expiration of another active term of 32 to 51 months he is currently serving for a related Burke County case.

During the months of September-November 2014, investigators with the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office and Lenoir Police Department received reports of residential break-ins with similar details. Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., suspects would enter the home and remove one pillow case, using it to transport valuables including jewelry, small electronics and currency.

On Nov. 23, 2014, video surveillance footage from a business break-in case showed a silver Ford Mustang driven by two white males. Officers from Lenoir Police Department located the vehicle a short time later. Potter was identified as one of the males from the video footage. Law enforcement continued to investigate the break-ins and developed Potter as a suspect.

On Nov. 25, 2014, Potter was interviewed by detectives from the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office. Following the interview, detectives drove Potter throughout the county, and he identified residences he had broken into. Stolen property was then recovered from the woods off of Beacher Anderson Road, Rocky Road and Broadway Street.

Cpl. Doug Dupell was lead investigator for the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office. Sgt. Mark Barlowe was lead investigator for the Lenoir Police Department. Jennifer C. Mathews handled prosecution for the District Attorney’s Office.

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