Man accused of breaking-into six vehicles

Jeffery Woods Junior Picture courtesy of the Statesville Police Department
Jeffery Woods Junior
Picture courtesy of the Statesville Police Department


Officers responded to the 500 block of Valley St in ref to a 911 call for Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle that had just occurred. Witness had observed the suspect inside her vehicle and watched him walk to a nearby apartment.

Upon officer’s arrival, they were able to locate the suspect matching the suspect’s description. A cell phone was found in the trunk area of the victim’s car that did not belong to the owner. Two other subjects were detained briefly but were released shortly afterwards. The cell phone that was found in the original victims car was linked back to Mr. Woods who had just borrowed it shortly before crime occurred. Upon canvasing the area, Officer Tim Denton located several items hidden in the landscaping where the suspect was standing when Officers arrived. A closer inspection of the property led us to another resident who lived in the complex who confirmed that the property was his and had been removed from his vehicle overnight. Those items were returned to the owners. A further canvass led officers to discover 4 other cars (6 in total) had been broken into however some vehicles had been rummaged through but nothing was missing. Mr. Woods was arrested and charged with 6 counts of Fel B & E to Motor Vehicle, 1 Count of Fel Larceny, 3 Counts of Misd Larceny. He was taken to Iredell County Jail where he received a $15,000.00 Bond All Vehicles appeared to have been left unsecured!!!

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