Lincoln County inmate accused of assaulting detention officers

Christopher Chastain – Picture courtesy of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office


Lincolnton, NC – A Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office detention inmate is facing additional charges after assaulting detention officers trying to move him from his cell.

On February 27, 2017 Detention officers were assaulted by Christopher Neil Chastain, 29, of Daybrook Court, Stanley, NC after they went to his cell to remove him at the request of North Carolina Probation and Parole officers for warrant service.

Chastain refused to leave his top bunk after being asked numerous times. When detention officers tried to forcefully remove the inmate from his cell he began swinging at the officers. While getting the inmate under control, he bit one of the detention officers on the right arm two times. While officers attempted to place the inmate in the probation officer’s car, Chastain began spitting at the detention officers striking one of them. At that time a decision was made by the probation officers not to transport Chastain to the magistrate’s office.

The skin of the detention officer who was bitten during the scuffle was not broken but several red marks were left on his arm consistent with teeth marks.

Chastain was taken before a Lincoln County magistrate where he was charged with one felony count of Malicious Conduct by a Prisoner by emitting bodily fluids and two misdemeanor counts of Simple Assault. He was given an additional $9,000 secured bond.

Chastain, who is a registered sex offender, was arrested on February 26, 2017 by Probation and Parole for interfering with a lifetime electronic monitoring device that he was ordered to wear by the Lincoln County courts in 2009. He was jailed on a $50,000 secured bond on that charge.

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