Less than 500 Statesville electric customers without power


Pictured above: Storm damage in the area of exit 151 in Statesville about one mile from downtown – Picture courtesy of @allyst18 via Twitter


Good news. All 36 of Statesville’s circuits are back up and less than 500 customers are without power as of 10 p.m. Thursday. Crews will continue working during the night on some primary tap lines that are out, but the remainder of the work involves services to individual homes and buildings. With good weather, the City should have power restored to all customers capable of receiving power by close of business Friday.

The bulk of the crews will return Friday morning and begin the final push to power restoration. Calling the outage number, 704-878-3479, is the best way to communicate to City crews that power is out.

“I’m pleased with the safe and efficient manner our crews and our allies from other cities (and contractors) have approached this restoration effort so far,” said John Maclaga, Statesville Electric Utilities Director Thursday night.

“Many of our customers will have other issues to address once power is restored; many customers will need structural or electrical attention to their buildings before they can safely receive service. We look forward to working together in the days ahead to get life back to normal,” he added.

“Again, we thank our customers who have been without power for their patience during this process.”
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