Less than 1000 EnergyUnited members without power



STATESVILLE, N.C. – EnergyUnited reports that as of 5 p.m. EDT, approximately 930 members of the electric cooperative remain without power. Davidson County accounts for the majority of the remaining outages with 831. At the peak of the storm on Friday, 34,000 EnergyUnited members were without power.

“We have restored power to 97 percent of our members that were affected by the storm,” said David Schleicher, vice president of engineering and operations. “All of the main circuits have been restored and we have crews on all circuits with active outages. At this point in the storm restoration process, smaller numbers of members are being restored with each repair. It appears a few smaller outages in northern Davidson County may extend into Monday morning.”

Members who have not reported their power outage are being asked to call the cooperative with that information. In addition, EnergyUnited is asking members who have already reported an outage and remain without power to report the outage again.

On Saturday and Sunday, EnergyUnited crews were joined by Sumter Utilities, Service Electric Co. and Asplundh Tree Expert Co. In addition, neighboring electric cooperatives from North and South Carolina traveled to the area to join the restoration efforts. Those cooperatives include Blue Ridge EMC, Fairfield EMC, Horry EMC, Marlboro EMC, Palmetto EMC, Pee Dee EMC and Rutherford EMC.

EnergyUnited members are being asked to call 1-800-EUNITED to report their outages as this will assist the cooperative in pinpointing the outage areas. Members may obtain up-to-the-minute outage information at the storm center on EnergyUnited’s website (https://www.energyunited.com/storm_center2.asp.) Outage information will also be posted on the cooperative’s Facebook and Twitter pages found at https://www.facebook.com/EnergyUnited and https://twitter.com/EnergyUnitedEMC

If you or someone in your household has special needs or relies on electric-powered life support equipment and you are without power, we encourage you to consider alternative arrangements until power can be restored.

EnergyUnited reminds people to STAY AWAY from downed or sparking power lines and report any that you may see to 1-800-522-3793 IMMEDIATELY.

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