Lakeshore Elementary in Mooresville Recognized as NC STEM School

Pictured left to right are:
Back row:  Board member Todd Carver, Board Chair Martin Page, LES Principal Chris Grace
Front row:  Superintendent Jeff James, Teresa Coiffi, Rayna Maguire, Rebecca Burry, Debra Sahley
Lakeshore Elementary was recently recognized as a North Carolina STEM school.  Lakeshore is one of only two schools in NC who received this prestigious recognition in 2020, and is only the 31st STEM Recognition School in the state.
Superintendent Jeff James stated, “Lakeshore started a journey 6 years ago to teach children of the 21st century. It involves an approach where students work collaboratively to solve real world problems. It incorporates a career centered outlook so students are exposed to the vast world that awaits them. The term STEM has become a buzz word as of late, but for Lakeshore it means so much more. It is a way of life for those students when they enter the building each day.”

Author: Margaret Beveridge