Junior Johnson dies at 88


Pictured above: Junior Johnson – Picture by John Harrelson, NASCAR & Getty Images – Used with the express permission of the NASCAR Hall of Fame


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Dec. 20, 2019) – The following is a statement from NASCAR Hall of Fame Executive Director Winston Kelley on the passing of Junior Johnson:

“It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Junior Johnson on behalf of the Johnson family. First and foremost, everyone at the NASCAR Hall of Fame offers our most sincere condolences to Lisa, Robert, Meredith and the entire family.

There are not sufficient words to adequately describe the impact that Junior Johnson had on NASCAR and the motorsports world. People are measured in many ways. Some are measured by what they do in their respective profession; others by what they do for their respective profession. In Junior’s case, what he did both in NASCAR and for NASCAR are equally incalculable. That is among the many reasons that Junior was one of the five inaugural inductees into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2010.

He had a stellar driving career, scoring 50 wins at NASCAR’s highest level and then seamlessly transitioned to a powerhouse car owner notching six championships and 132 wins for numerous fellow NASCAR Hall of Famers. He was also an innovator behind the wheel, discovering the impact of the draft at Daytona International Speedway and in more ways than anyone can count — and in many ways others never knew — as an owner, mechanic and engine builder.

Junior was also the catalyst behind RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company’s 33 year sponsorship of NASCAR’s premier series that was clearly a game changing moment in the sport’s history. In addition, hundreds of people came through Ingle Hollow, NC in what became known as “Junior Johnson University” many of whom went on to Hall of Fame and stellar careers. He continued to be an ambassador for NASCAR throughout his life and was a huge part of the development of the NASCAR Hall of Fame and numerous activities since we opened in 2010. Quite literally, Junior impacted every aspect of NASCAR in a manner that only an elite few have done.

We have lost one of NASCAR’s true pioneers, innovators, competitors and an incredible mechanical and business mind. And personally, I have lost one of my dearest friends. While we will miss Junior mightily, his legacy and memory will forever be remembered, preserved, celebrated and cherished at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and in the hearts and minds of race fans around the world. Please join us in remembering and celebrating Robert Glenn Johnson Jr. ”

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