Iredell Sheriff not planning to enforce ‘unconstitutional and unenforceable’ face covering mandate


Copy of Facebook post from Iredell County Sheriff page

**** Edited for clarity****
The information below was posted as a service to the citizens of Iredell County. We realize that often, the easiest way to inform the public is through social media. We recognize that this an emotional topic, with a lot of people polarized in their opinion. We completely understand that the decision to wear a mask is a personal decision, and we encourage all citizens to take the precautions they feel necessary to protect themselves and their family.

As your Sheriff, it is not only my duty to enforce the laws enacted by our legislature, but to also protect the constitutional rights of all citizens. I firmly believe that the order mandating face coverings is not only unconstitutional but unenforceable. In closing, to be perfectly clear, we have no intention of enforcing this order.

Today Governor Cooper extended phase 2 of his order and added an additional requirement to wear a face covering. The face covering requirement has many exceptions. Below is an excerpt from Frequently asked questions for Executive Order No. 147. Citizens are encouraged to read the Frequently asked questions for Executive Order No. 147. dated June 24th

“What are some of the exceptions for wearing face coverings?
A face covering does not need to be worn by a worker, customer, or patron who meets
one of the following exceptions:
• Should not wear a face covering due to any medical or behavioral condition or
disability (including, but not limited to, any person who has trouble breathing,
or is unconscious or incapacitated, or is otherwise unable to put on or remove
the face covering without assistance);
• Is under eleven years of age;
• Is actively eating or drinking;
• Is strenuously exercising;
• Is seeking to communicate with someone who is hearing-impaired in a way that
requires the mouth to be visible;
• Is giving a speech for a broadcast or to an audience;
• Is working at home or is in a personal vehicle;
• Is temporarily removing his or her face covering to secure government or
medical services or for identification purposes;
• Would be at risk from wearing a face covering at work, as determined by local,
state, or federal regulators or workplace safety guidelines;
• Has found that their face covering is impeding visibility to operate equipment
or a vehicle; and/or
• Is a child whose parent, guardian, or responsible person has been unable to
place the face covering safely on the child’s face.

No proof or documentation is required if an individual falls into an exception
category. ”