Iredell representatives respond to immigration speech


President Obama addressed the nation about immigration Thursday. His plan would allow certain illegals the ability to register and stay in the country for three years. Iredell Representatives quickly fired back following the speech.

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx issued this statement:

“President Obama does not have the legal authority to legislate, and his unilateral actions on immigration are a blatant overreach of his Constitutionally-granted executive authority. The president claims to believe in the Constitution, but his actions tonight demonstrate otherwise.

“The president himself has even acknowledged that this is not how our democracy functions. Just last year he told Univision that he believed ‘it is very important for us to recognize that the way to solve this problem has to be legislative.’

“America’s immigration system is broken. It’s not working for families, employers or taxpayers. However, it is Congress’ responsibility to pursue reforms and build consensus toward a strong immigration policy that begins with border security.

“Immigration reform must be approached carefully and with ample public input. There is too much at stake to do anything else.”

Congressman Robert Pittenger issued this statement:

“The unilateral actions announced tonight by President Obama are an affront to the American people and an egregious violation of our Constitution.

“Our Founding Fathers devised a carefully divided system of government, with checks and balances and a purposeful separation of powers. According to the Constitution, legislative power is delegated to Congress, while the President’s authority is to enforce the laws, not write the laws.

“President Obama has made 22 public declarations that he cannot, should not, and must not write his own immigration laws. He should be a man of his word. Instead, his actions have precipitated a Constitutional crisis.”


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