Iredell investigation leads to identification of suspected terrorist

WSIC file photo
WSIC file photo


Sheriff Darren Campbell stated: In the summer of 2015, a member of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE) Team stopped a vehicle for a traffic infraction. While speaking with the operator of the vehicle, the deputy learned the vehicle was rented and the driver was headed back to Florida from Chicago. After seeking and obtaining consent to search the vehicle, several hundred electronic devices were located inside the vehicle. When asked about them, the driver claimed they were for a legitimate business interest. Further searching located receipts for the electronics which had been purchased in numerous locations.

After the vehicle stop was concluded, based on additional information received from speaking with the driver during the stop, deputies forwarded this information to the North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center, the Florida Fusion Center and the Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis for operational support and analytical support.
As a result of this collaboration between agencies, an individual with previously unknown connections to a foreign terrorist organization, a known suspected terrorist and an private sector organization involved in multi-national organized criminal enterprise was identified.
This investigation has now gone over seas and in on going.

These are the types of people who are constantly traveling up and down and across our county via the interstates here in Iredell County. This another example of why I am committed to having an Interstate Criminal Enforcement Team out there to not only protect the citizens of Iredell County but this state and country.

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