Iredell GOP recommends Mallory to replace Boone



The Iredell County GOP Executive Committee unanimously voted to recommend James Mallory to the Iredell County Board of Commissioners to fill the seat on that Board, left vacant by the unfortunate passing of David Boone, until November 30, 2014. We believe that Mr. Mallory, who has served our country and who has been a leader in our community, has all of the qualifications necessary to fill the post.  The final decision belongs to the County Commissioners.

The task of nominating a Republican to run in the November Special Election falls solely on the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee voted to form a subcommittee to implement a standard procedure for the selection of Republicans to be placed on this and future ballots, as required by North Carolina’s General Statutes.  After reviewing all information, the full Executive Committee will vote on the party’s nominee for the Special Election prior to the June 30, 2014 deadline.

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