In split vote, Statesville Council says jumbo American flag at Camping World must go


Pictured above: Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis brought-up the flag size issue in a June 2017 Tweet calling-out Statesville and other municipalities over rules impacting flags – Image: Twitter


Last month, Council member Steve Johnson asked for a revision to the municipal noise ordinance that would permit additional times for construction. Police Chief David Onley brought Council a recommendation that, in addition to Monday-Fridays, would allow construction on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Council discussion included whether to also allow construction on Sundays, whether to allow construction from sunup to sundown and other versions of the recommendation. The motion approved will allow construction between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The vote was 5-3, with John Staford, C.O. Johnson and Steve Johnson opposing the motion.

The discussion on whether to modify the City’s ordinance on the maximum size of flags was discussed thoroughly. Earlier this summer, Council modified the ordinance to increase the size of flags to 25 x 40. After getting a permit to fly a 25×40 flag, Camping World actually raised a 40×80 flag. Council member John Staford said he thought the flag was beautiful and wanted to discuss again the possibility of increasing the flag size in the ordinance. C.O. Johnson moved that the ordinance be amended to allow for a 40×80 flag. The motion failed, 3-5, with C.O. Johnson, John Staford and Steve Johnson being the three voting in favor. City Planning Director David Currier will follow up with Camping World about flying the appropriate size flag.

There was a lot of discussion – even prepared statements read – concerning the approval of a contract with McGill Associates to provide design services for the Shelton Ave. streetscape improvements. The project is a continuation of the downtown streetscape project from Garner Bagnal Blvd. to Amity Hill Rd. The cost for the engineering and design services is $417,000. John Staford, Steve Johnson and C.O. Johnson spoke out against the plan, arguing that the City should spend its efforts and money on economic develop; “bringing jobs to Statesville”. The motion to approve the design contract was approved 5-3 with Staford, S.Johnson and C.O. Johnson voting against it.

A public hearing to condemn a property located behind and owned by Mt. Pleasant AME Zion Church, 117 Garfield St., was conducted. A representative of the church told Council the church planned to take out a loan to tear down the structure themselves and asked for 90 days to complete the work. Council voted unanimously to table the motion.

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