ICSO: Incident on ISS school bus today


Offense(s)/Charge(s): Misdemeanor Weapons on Campus or Other Educational Property, Misdemeanor Assault

Location of Incident: School Bus 119, 361 East Barkley Road, Statesville.

Suspect(s): Two Juvenile Males.

Sheriff Darren Campbell stated: This morning, a female student made her school bus driver aware she thought she had been shot by a pellet gun while the bus was pulling onto campus at Third Creek Elementary School.

The driver immediately notified the school administration. The Third Creek Middle School Resource Officer (SRO) immediately responded to the elementary school to assist in the investigation. Both Third Creek Elementary, and Third Creek Middle School are located side by side. Two juvenile males were detained by school administration, and the SRO. An investigation was conducted by school officials, and the School Resource Officer. The pellet gun was located and secured. 

The female victim, and the two male suspects were interviewed about the incident.

As a result of the School Resource Officers investigation, the two male juveniles will be charged with: Misdemeanor Weapons on Campus or Other Educational Property, and Misdemeanor Assault. These charges will be forwarded to Juvenile Services. The school officials are following Iredell Statesville School Policy in reference to disciplinary actions to the students.

Sheriff Campbell added, “This is an example of just how quickly, and easily a weapon of any kind can show up on the steps of our elementary schools. Fortunately, the response time of our SRO was mere seconds. Having the School Resource Officers on campus is paramount to school safety. Thankfully in this case, the bus driver, school administrators, and the SRO worked together to quickly stop this incident.”

Author: Heather Gessler