ICSO: Couple Wanted for Felony Break and Enter

Date/Time of Offense: April 2021 through May 2021

Offense(s): Felony Break and Enter (5 counts)

Felony Conspiracy to Break and Enter

Felony Break and Enter of Motor Vehicle (2 counts)

Felony Aid and Abet Larceny

Felony Larceny

Felony Larceny after Break and Enter (4 counts)

Felony Identity Theft (2 counts)

Felony Possession of Stolen Goods

Misdemeanor Larceny (5 counts)

Misdemeanor Injury to Personal Property

Misdemeanor Conspiracy (2 counts) 

Location of Incident: Various areas across Iredell County

Suspect(s): Caitlin Amber Conner, 23 years old

312 North Bost Street

Statesville, NC  28677

Nicholas Dale Johnson, 27 years old

312 North Bost Street 

Statesville, NC  28677

Sheriff Darren Campbell stated that around the end of April the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office began receiving several reports of breaking and enterings of numerous residences, motor vehicles and outbuildings.  The suspects were stealing lawn equipment, power tools, guns, jewelry, bags, purses and shoes. During the investigation Detectives were able to determine the suspects were driving a grey hatchback type vehicle and the twosuspects appeared to be a male and a female.  

Through the help of the victims and concerned citizens who livein the area of the breaking and enterings video surveillance was obtained and Detectives were able identify the suspects as Caitlin Amber Conner and Nicholas Dale Johnson.  Detectives were able to locate the hatchback but the suspects had acquired another vehicle, a Kia Optima. Detectives were able to obtain warrants on Conner and Johnson as they continued their crime spree. 

On May 12, 2021 Detectives received information that Conner and Johnson had committed another Breaking and Entering in the city of Mooresville. It was discovered that they were now driving a blue Impala. A radio broadcast was given to patrol deputies to be on the lookout for this vehicle. A short time later, Deputies located and attempted to stop the Impala, after a short pursuit both suspects fled on foot. Officers converged on the area and a Canine was deployed along with a drone. A short time later Caitlin Conner was located coming out of the wood line on Fox Avenue in Statesville. Johnson was not located.

Caitlin Amber Conner was arrested and charged with Felony Break and Enter (5 counts), Felony Conspiracy to Break and Enter, Felony Break and Enter of Motor Vehicle (2 counts), Felony Aid and Abet Larceny, Felony Larceny, Felony Larceny after Break and Enter (4 counts), Felony Identity Theft (2 counts), Felony Possession of Stolen Goods, Misdemeanor Larceny (5 counts), Misdemeanor Injury to Personal Property, Misdemeanor Conspiracy (2 counts). 

Conner was given a total a $160,000.00 secured bond by Magistrate T. Thompson.

Caitlin Conner’s has a criminal history of Misdemeanor Larceny and Misdemeanor Assault.

Detectives were given information that the suspects had been staying at the Motel 6 for several days. Detectives executed a search warrant on the motel room and located several items believed to be stolen.  On May 13, 2021 Detectives also executed a search warrant on the vehicle that Conner and Johnson were in and located stolen property from the most recent break-ins.

Nicholas Dale Johnson has outstanding warrants and anyone that knows his whereabouts is urged to call the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office at 704-878-3100 or Crime Stoppers at 704-662-1340. 

Caitlin Amber Conner

312 North Bost Street

Statesville, NC  28677

$160,000 Secured Bond


Nicholas Dale Johnson

312 North Bost Street 

Statesville, NC 28677

Author: Heather Gessler