Health Department offering walk-in labs in Mooresville



The Iredell County Health Department (ICHD) announces that Walk-In Lab Services are now being offered at the Mooresville Health Department. ICHD began their Walk-In Lab Program August 2013 at the Statesville location and is excited to expand this service to both health department locations.

ICHD – Mooresville
610 E. Center Avenue
Mooresville, NC 28115
Mon-Th. 8:00-4:00
Friday 8:00-3:00
Closed 12:00-1:00 daily

ICHD – Statesville
318 Turnersburg Highway
Statesville, NC 28625
Mon, Tue, Wed. 8:00-4:00
Thursday 8:00-5:00
Friday 8:00-3:00

You must have a Physician’s order for most labs; however a few do not require an order.  These labs will be offered at very low prices that must be paid at the time of the collection.  Insurance is not accepted.  No appointment is necessary.  Just as with any other lab draw facility, results will be sent back to the patient or patient’s physician.  ICHD does not interpret results, diagnose, or recommend any treatment.

Please visit the health department’s website: or call: Cheslie Carter, Lab Supervisor at 704-761-2457 to inquire about specific labs.

To give input on this health department service or any other service, please contact

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