Growing sinkhole threatening Statesville homes as neighbors seek answers


Pictured above: A sinkhole threatens two north Statesville homes – Picture courtesy of WSIC news partner FOX 46 Charlotte

STATESVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – WSIC news partner FOX 46 is working to get results for Statesville neighbors afraid of losing their homes to a sinkhole.

Those that live on either side of the massing sinkhole are fully aware there is a limited amount of time they have left before they’re forced out.

“My kids can’t come out and enjoy the yard. My grandkids haven’t been here this summer,” Terrill Hardy says. He’s lived at his home on Coddington Lane for seven years. He’s the next door neighbor to Cody Hubbard.

“Every time that it has rained since, it has grown in increments, either wider or longer,” Hubbard tells FOX 46.

For months, both neighbors have been asking questions that they feel deserve a simple answer: Who is responsible for this?

Both say neither of them, as they say the sinkhole started outside of both their properties, and they are stuck in the middle.

“Fast forward six months…I won’t have a house,” Hubbard said.

FOX 46’s original story on this sinkhole aired in December. As they worked to learn more about who is responsible for dealing with the sinkhole, FOX 46 was left with unanswered questions and unreturned phone calls.

We’ve now learned that engineers have been out to take a look at the sinkhole, and they say this drain off-property is what caused what they are calling a ‘significant’ issue, but who is responsible for that drain pipe?

“It started out as a small hole, and they refused even then and it grew to this,” Hardy said.

Hubbard and Hardy say things are at a standstill as the hole gets bigger.

“Even if I wanted to sell my house, the value has depreciated because of this,” said Hardy.

FOX 46 has reached out to the city of Statesville to get their side on this and is told they are working on a response.

This story originally appeared on the website of WSIC news partner FOX 46 Charlotte.

Author: WSIC editor