Gander RV fights Statesville flag size ordinance in lawsuit response


Pictured above: The US flag at Gander RV in Statesville – Picture courtesy of WSIC news partner FOX 46 Charlotte

STATESVILLE, NC (WSIC) – Gander RV has filed its response to a City of Statesville lawsuit over the size of its American flag.

The company argues an ordinance limiting flag size limits free speech. State law permits flag size to be limited to protect the public.

North Carolina general statute 144-7 reads (in part): “for the purpose of protecting the public health, safety, and welfare, reasonable restrictions on flag size, number of flags, location, and height of flagpoles are not prohibited, provided that such restrictions shall not discriminate against any official governmental flag in any manner.”

Gander RV argues in its response that the City of Statesville has not shown why its ordinance limiting flag size is necessary to protect the public.

The City of Statesville says it has no comment on Gander’s response at this time. If approved in July, an adjustment to city ordinance would allow Gander RV to continue flying its current US flag.

Gander RV CEO Marcus Lemonis shared the company’s legal response on Twitter: