Gander RV CEO Marcus Lemonis visits Statesville to discuss flag size controversy


Pictured above: Gander RV CEO Marcus Lemonis addresses the media at his Statesville store Thursday – WSIC photo

STATESVILLE, NC (WSIC) – Gander RV CEO Marcus Lemonis was in Statesville Thursday to discuss the US flag size controversy.

“The flag is not coming down under any circumstance,” Lemonis told the press, employees, and a handful of local resident.

Gander RV CEO Marcus Lemonis says his nationally recognized ordeal with the City of Statesville is not about him, his company, politics, or free publicity.

“This is not about us. This is about a city and a flag that does not belong to us. It does not belong to you. It belongs to all of us.”

The City of Statesville announced a plan Wednesday that will allow the Gander RV flag, one day before Lemonis came to town. Mayor Costi Kutteh says he doesn’t see this as “caving-in” and calls it a good compromise.

“He put a lot of pressure on us, but our uniformed development ordinance allows for text amendments at any time,” says Kutteh. “While we may have preferred that he come forward and make the request, we’re always entitled to do that. Our staff does it on their own volition and oftentimes the City Council requests that.”

For now, the daily fine is being charged and Lemonis says he’ll pay.

“We know we’re violating it. We know what the ordinance is, we’re smart people, and we’re not going to take it down because in our estimation when we look at the North Carolina code, the flag pole or the flag size should not be regulated as long as the health, wellness, and safety of people are not in question.”