Four Iredell County students named All-State in UNCG honors band clinic


Pictured above: 1st picture – LNHS students Catherine Edmundson, Reece Ditto, and Gavan Hahnenberg; 2nd picture – Katie Redling and Lakeshore Middle student Eli Mathew – Picture courtesy of Iredell-Statesville Schools


On May 3-5th at UNC-Greensboro the All-State Honors Band Clinic was held. Two hundred and eighty-five musicians from different music programs all over North Carolina came together to work on campus to produce one amazing concert on Sunday afternoon in the UNC-G Auditorium.
Through months of rigorous practicing and challenging auditions at the district and state levels, these students were selected to be part of a high level performance group.

This year 4 students from the Iredell Statesville School District were represented in 2 of the ensembles. The following students were selected to be part of the All-State Honors Band Clinic:

Elijah Mathew, 5th chair trumpet, Lakeshore Middle School
Catherine Edmondson, 3rd Chair Flute, Lake Norman High School
Gavan Hahnenberg, 2nd Chair Tenor Saxophone, Lake Norman High School
Reese Ditto, 2nd Chair Euphonium, Lake Norman High School.

Iredell Statesville Schools Fine Arts programs strives to provide opportunities for students that will enable them to grow in their musicianship and provide opportunities for students to play rigorous music. Band Directors Kathryn Redling (Lakeshore Middle School) and Chris Brown (Lake Norman High School) gave of their own time to prepare and accompany these students to All State Band.

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Author: Niakeya James