Firefighter Training Completed for New Equipment


Statesville firefighters recently completed the necessary training for their new self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), purchased with the help of a FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG).  Following the completion of the classroom training, the firefighters completed an air consumption course to determine their air consumption capacities while going through a series of strenuous exercises.

The training took place at the Fire Training Grounds where the firefighters climbed a series of stairs, hoisted fire hose 3-stories, climbed out of the tower using a ladder and then hustle to an area where they used a Kiser Sled to simulate additional work.  Their air consumption and blood pressure numbers were monitored. “Each person has different capacities and it’s important to know their limitations before they enter a hazard area wearing their SCBA,” said Deputy Chief Glen Kurfees.

​The old SCBA equipment is 10 years old and no longer meets current standards. The new equipment will increase firefighter safety, effectiveness, and efficiency, allowing for improved community service.

 ​The total cost for the new equipment is $413,410; the FEMA AFG grant provided $375,827 and City Council approved the 10 percent matching funds of $37,582.

Photo Identification: Firefighter Hunter Swicegood (single photo); Swicegood with firefighter Hunter Shook (double photo)

Author: Heather Gessler