Erica Parsons’ adoptive mother returned to NC to face murder charge

Casey Lynn Stone Parsons – Picture courtesy of Rowan County Sheriff’s Office


Rowan County Sheriff’s Office Detectives and an Agent of the NC SBI flew to the Federal Prison, in Tallahassee, Florida this morning, and took custody of suspect, Casey Lynn Stone Parsons. The suspect, RCSO Detectives, and the SBI Agent arrived back in Rowan County around 4:00pm this afternoon, and Casey Parsons was transported directly to the Rowan County Detention Center. Once in the Rowan County Detention Center, Casey Parsons was charged with the following Felony charges:

1.) Murder (1st Degree)

2.) Felony Child Abuse with Serious Physical Injury

3.) Felony Obstruction of Justice

4.) Felony Concealment of Death

Casey Lynn Stone Parsons will be held in the Rowan County Detention Center under NO BOND, and will have a first appearance on 03-14-2018. The exact time of the 1st Appearance has not been set as of yet, but Judge Hamilton has ordered that NO Cameras will be allowed in the court room during the first appearance.

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