Eric Trump visits Mooresville, discusses role of clubs in campaign


Eric Trump was at the family’s golf course in Mooresville yesterday.

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He sat down with WSIC to talk about how the clubs play a role in his father’s run for the White House.

(AUDIO). “We do it pretty indirectly to tell you the truth, you know there is certainly people who have said they would like to host an event at the club or I want to do a viewing party when we are winning various states for super Tuesday and other things, at the same time as a business you have to be non-politically affiliated.”

Eric Trump
Eric Trump –WSIC Photo

He says they run the clubs essentially apolitically, but people do enjoy getting involved.

(AUDIO). “You wouldn’t believe it, we have a lot of clubs around the world, and a lot of clubs in the US and when you see the passion of our members, literally  I was in a bakery at our club here at Trump National Charlotte a little while ago and someone was coming in and buying “Make America Great Again” hats, so I mean the passion is incredible.”

The younger Trump practiced what he preached on running the business apolitically, declining to comment on the state’s controversial bathroom law which reached the level of the presidential campaign with his father.