ELECTIONS: Incumbent Mayors out, Love Valley race undetermined



      1. 2015-11-03ElectionResults

Incumbent mayor Elbert Richardson is out in Troutman – challenger Ron, or Duck, Wyatt won that contest with nearly 73 percent of the vote.

Judy Jablonski and Jim Troutman won the two open Council seats there.

The race for five Love Valley Commissioner seats is undetermined for now – election officials will have to sort through the 170 write-in ballots to determine if anyone there will beat out the other five candidates.

In the Mooresville Graded School District – Debbie Marsh, Roger Hyatt and Larry Wilson took the three open seats.

Incumbent Mooresville Mayor Miles Atkins won easily over challenger C.J. Zethof with nearly 86 percent of the vote. Bobby Compton, Eddie Dingler, and Thurman Houston all ran un-opposed for seats on the Mooresville Board of Commissioners.

In Davidson – Beth Cashion, Jim Fuller, Stacey Anderson, Rodney Graham and Brian Jenest all win seats.

In Cornelius, those seats were taken by Woody Washam, Dave Gilroy, Jim Duke, Thurman Ross and Mike Miltich.

Incumbent Cornelius Mayor Chuck Travis and Incumbent Davidson Mayor John Woods both ran un-opposed. Remember, election results are technically unofficial until canvass day.

In Huntersville – challenger John Aneralla beat incumbent Mayor Jill Swain with nearly fifty-nine percent of the vote.