Doosan evacuated after erroneous report of armed ex-employee

WSIC File Photo
WSIC File Photo


Statesville NC: On Thursday, May 28th 2015 at 11:43 A.M. the Statesville Police Department responded to a report of a disgruntle ex-employee entering the Doosan plant armed with a firearm. A member of the police department received a text message from an employee inside the building reporting that an ex-employee had entered the building. Officers responded to the facility and received reports that the subject that entered the facility may be armed with a firearm. Several police officers responded to the scene along with members of the Special Response Team. Officers secured the facility and began evacuating employees while attempting to investigate the report. Officers were able to determine that the report of the subject being on the property was erroneous. The information about the ex-employee being on the property was a rumor which had passed through several employees which led to the report to the police department. The investigation revealed that the subject was never on the property at any time.

There is no pending criminal investigation into this situation and no charges will be filed.

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Author: WSIC editor