Davidson conducting ‘tree inventory’


Pictured above: Picture courtesy of the Town of Davidson


DAVIDSON, N.C. –The Town of Davidson will conduct an inventory of street trees mainly in the west part of Davidson, downtown Davidson, South Main and Main Streets, and along Concord Road to parts of the McConnell neighborhood. The town has contracted with Bartlett Tree Experts who will start working on the project in early September for about a month. The purpose of the inventory is to improve the maintenance and management of our street trees which are a critical part of our tree canopy.
“One of our core values states that our ‘citizens must live in a healthy environment, so town government will protect watersheds, trees, air quality, and other elements of the town’s ecology,’ so we’re pleased to focus on our tree canopy with this project,” said Public Works Operation Supervisor Jesse Bouk. 
The Town of Davidson received a grant in the amount of $9,328 from the North Carolina Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program; the town is matching those funds with $8,243 for a total cost of $17,571 to complete the tree inventory and canopy management plan.
The inventory report will be completed in early 2019 and results will be made available to the public.
“Other key components to managing the forest are a solid tree ordinance (currently under review) and a strong volunteer tree planting program which we have through TreesDavidson,” said Natural Assets and Sustainability Coordinator Charlene Minor.
For more information, please contact the Davidson Parks and Recreation Department at 704-892-3349.

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