County confirms new rabies case



Iredell County Animal Services has confirmed another case of rabies. This case involved a raccoon in the area of the 400 block of East Monbo Rd. in Troutman.

It is important to make sure your pet has a current rabies vaccine that will prevent them from acquiring rabies. All dogs, cats, and ferrets are required by NC State law to be vaccinated against rabies starting at the age of 3 months. In Iredell County, there is a $75.00 citation per animal for owners who do not have their dog, cat or ferret immunized against rabies. Pets are not protected from rabies until 28 days after their first rabies vaccination.

If a pet is up to date on its rabies vaccine and is exposed to a rabid animal, the vaccinated animal must receive a booster vaccination within 5 days of the exposure. If they do not receive the booster within 5 days of the exposure they will either be euthanized (put to sleep) or quarantined for six months.

Rabies vaccinations for your dog, cat or ferret can be obtained at your local veterinarian or at Iredell County Animal Services and Control. Reminder that Iredell County Animal Services offers rabies vaccinations for only $10 Monday – Friday from 10:30am until 5:00 pm; and on Saturday from 10:00am until 2:00pm.  No appointment is necessary.  Iredell County Animal Services also hosts a rabies vaccination clinic on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm until 7:30pm.  Rabies vaccinations are available at the evening clinic for $6.00.

Pets or stray animals with suspected exposure to rabies should be reported to Iredell County Animal Services and Control at (704) 878-5335.

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