Council authorizes fire department to apply for $500,000 grant


Pictured above: Picture courtesy of the City of Statesville


On April 16, 2018 Statesville City Council approved the Fire Department to submit an application for the FY16 SAFER Grant funded by FEMA through U.S. Department of Homeland Security funds.  Fire Department staff was notified by FEMA that the SAFER Grant was awarded to Statesville August 17, 2018.  Statesville City Council authorized the Fire Department to accept the award during the August 20, 2017 City Council Meeting.

This grant will assist the department in meeting national standards in regards to the number of personnel being placed on emergency scenes.  This will be accomplished by adding personnel to the ladder truck. The ladder truck is the most specialized response vehicle the Department utilizes and is required to respond to all structure fires.

“Accepting this grant will help to ensure a more effective and efficient response to emergencies and improve the community’s quality of life” said Fire Chief Spencer Lee.  “The grant will help the City meet its adopted vision statement by contributing to economic development as citizens and businesses share in a potential reduction in fire insurance premiums and improvement in a healthy lifestyle as additional trained emergency response personnel arrive with shorter response times to increase a person’s likeliness to survive fire or cardiac arrest.”

For the grant process, the Fire Department requested permission to apply for 6 new firefighter positions.  The application incorporated salaries and benefits for six (6) firefighters over a three year period.  The awarded grant will result in a total project cost of $864,000 for the three year period of performance.

Over the three year grant period, the FY17 SAFER grant uses a cost-share breakdown in which the City of Statesville would be responsible for matching a percentage of the funds each year.  As a condition of the award, the City is required to contribute a cost match in the amount of $331,200 of non-Federal funds.  The Federal share is $532,800.

Year 1—25% local match-Statesville $72,000

Year 2—25% local match-Statesville $72,000

Year 3—65% local match-Statesville $187,200

Year 1—75% Federal share-$216,000

Year 2—75% Federal share-$216,000

Year 3—35% Federal share-$100,800

The City of Statesville will be required to maintain operational staffing to the same levels for the period of performance of three years. After the period of performance is over, there is no longer a commitment to retain these SAFER positions.

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