Cornelius PD urges safety after rescue of kayaker



Cornelius Police Lake Patrol would like to remind everyone of the importance of wearing a personal flotation device and the dangers of hypothermia. This comes after a late night water rescue of a kayaker that fell into Lake Norman this week.

On Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at approximately 10:30pm, Cornelius Police received a call of a person in distress in Lake Norman near Vineyard Point Lane. With the help of a good Samaritan on a jet-ski, Lake Patrol Officers were able to pull the victim out of the water. The kayaker, who was wearing a personal flotation device, estimates he was in the water for approximately 30 minutes. He was released to MEDIC and transported to CMC Huntersville for treatment of hypothermia.

Cornelius Police Lake Patrol stresses the importance of wearing a personal flotation device to greatly reduce the risk of drowning. It is also important to check lake water temperatures before swimming or boating. Even on the warmest winter days, hypothermia can still be a threat due to colder water temperature.

The Cornelius Police Department commends the good Samaritan and other residents in the area who called 9-1-1 and offered assistance with the successful rescue of the distressed kayaker.

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Author: WSIC editor