Controlled burns planned at Lake Norman State Park

WSIC File Photo


RALEIGH, N.C. – The N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation and the N.C. Forest Service plan to conduct multiple prescribed burns at Lake Norman State Park from mid-February through March. According to Park Superintendent Greg Schneider, the specific dates of the burns will depend on local weather conditions.

The prescribed burns will be conducted on sections totaling approximately 200 acres in eastern areas of the park between Wildlife Road and Morrison Farm Road. Some visitor areas and trails will likely be temporarily closed during the prescribed burns, including the Wildlife, Fallstown and Fox Loops of the bicycle trail system.

Prescribed burns are used as a resource management tool in many locations by the state parks system. Some plant communities and animal species rely on periodic fire for their existence. The prescribed burns also reduce the amount of potential wildfire fuel and help protect a park’s resources and neighboring landowners if lightning, arson or carelessness sparks a wildfire.

In order to minimize smoke and assure the fire is controlled, the low-intensity, prescribed burn will only be carried out under strictly defined weather conditions of a fire management plan. On the selected day, the burn will begin in the late morning and will likely end by mid-afternoon.

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