Community shocked by loss of pilot in Rowan crash


Pictured above: Guy Maher – Pictures courtesy of WSIC news partner FOX 46

WOODLEAF, N.C. (WSIC) – WSIC news partner FOX 46 spoke with a pastor who is remembering the life of a pilot who died when a plane went down as he was flying from Statesville to Davie County.

The trip should have taken about 15 minutes, but hours after leaving Statesville Regional Airport around 9 a.m. on Monday, Guy Maher was nowhere to be seen.

The pastor at South River United Methodist Church says Maher was a pillar in their community.

“He’ll be sorely missed,” Pastor A.J. Moore said.

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Their hearts break for answers to what happened, and in the meantime, there’s no doubt some will stop by this community prayer box to fill out a request.

“His family is struggling with the sudden loss. It’s unexplainable. Maher would have been the last person in the world I thought would have ever been involved in a plane crash.”

Disbelief still strikes this community of Woodleaf. Moore says their church member, Guy Maher, was the one who died in a plane crash Monday morning.

FOX 46 obtained pictures, which appear to show part of the wreckage. The site is protected by yellow tape in a clearing surrounded by woods.

The NTSB is investigating what caused the crash. That investigation could take days.

“We do have a lot of church family here, so it’s a sad night for Woodleaf community,” Fire Marshal Deborah Horne said.

Maher is known to many as an experienced pilot he even flew for air care Wake Forest Baptist Health. The company posted on Facebook today he was a terrific pilot with a great sense of humor.

“Over the last five to six years everybody was talking about how his faith was blooming,” Moore said.

He also had a strong faith. Within the last two years, he was re-baptized in a river that runs alongside his church. He also leads the praise team.

“Music was a big part of his life and it’s going to be a gap in this community that’s not going to be able to be replaced.”

Moore also said Maher was known to triple check everything so they’re really at a loss as to how the plane went down. That’ll be something we’ll hopefully learn in the coming days.

This story originally appeared on the website of WSIC news partner FOX 46.