Collier resigns as head of Carolina Balloon Fest organizing body

Robb Collier – Picture courtesy of National Balloon Rally Charities


Robb Collier, Executive Director of the National Balloon Rally Charities, has resigned effective March 29, 2017.

“I am passionate about our festivals and [have] spent every day working to make them wildly successful,” said Collier. “I wish the National Balloon Rally Charities much success.”

During Collier’s time as Executive Director, he successfully increased sponsorship dollars over the course of four years. Carolina BalloonFest attendance has increased measurably, as well as the Board’s donations to local charities.

While serving as Executive Director, Collier presented the idea of the Carolina Roots Music Festival to the National Balloon Rally Charities Board, hosting the MusicFest’s first event last year. Collier is also a past Chairman of the Board.

A statement provided by the National Balloon Rally Charities Board stated:

“The Board is grateful for Robb’s service. He has played a critical role in the continued growth and success of our festival events. He will be missed.”

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