Climber dead following fall at Crowders Mountain State Park

Picture courtesy of the Gastonia Fire Department
Picture courtesy of the Gastonia Fire Department


Rescue personnel from The Gastonia Fire Department, and paramedics from Gaston Emergency Medical Services responded to a fallen climber on Crowder’s Mountain Monday evening.

At 6:25 pm on Monday March 10th, 2014 the Gastonia Fire Department received a dispatch of a reported rock climber who fell while climbing on Crowder’s Mountain.

Upon arrival, personnel ascended the mountain and found the patient near the backside trail of the facility.

The patient while climbing had fallen an estimated 70 feet, and sustained serious injuries.

Gastonia Fire Department rope technicians lowered themselves to the patient, clipped the patient in to rescue ropes, and carefully lowered the patient down to safe ground.

Paramedics immediately administered critical care to the patient as they were being taken down the mountain.

Despite the efforts of all personnel involved, the patient perished at the scene as a result of injuries sustained in the fall.

No other injuries were reported by the approximately 20 personnel who worked the scene.

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