City of Statesville sends electric crew for Irma recovery

Picture courtesy of the City of Statesville


Statesville City Electric Utilities has dispatched an eight-man crew to Georgia Wednesday to help restore power in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Trey Norton, Jamie Bishop, Latney Lowtharpe, Garrett Tomlin, Jeremiah Christopher and James Bowers are taking two City bucket trucks, two pickups, a trailer, line truck and tree truck, along with two employees of Carolina Tree, Sammy Roysdon and Robert Lindark.

The Statesville team joined up with a convoy of electric workers from the cities of Gastonia, Concord, Morganton and Kings Mountain and are headed to Georgia to help set poles, repair electric lines, and restore power in the area.

City Electric Utilities Director John Maclaga said the crew would work in Georgia for several days and continue on to Florida to help out there. “Please remember them and the communities where they are working as they help in this major recovery effort,” asked Maclaga.

The city of Statesville is one of the nation’s 2,000-plus community-owned electric utilities, serving more than 48 million people in the United States of America; that’s about 14 percent of the nation’s electric consumers. Public power utilities are operated by local governments to provide communities with reliable, responsive, not-for-profit electric service. Public power utilities are directly accountable to the people they serve through local elected or appointed officials.

Statesville and other public power communities have mutual-aid agreements in place to help each another recover after major disasters.

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