City of Statesville prepares for Irma

WSIC file photo


Statesville City departments have begun preparation for a possible hit from Hurricane Irma. In addition to filling up gas tanks for city vehicles and equipment, sharpening chainsaws and checking supplies, departments have been making sure that generators are in order and radios and other communications equipment are in working order. A priority is to make sure the staff and citizens know what’s going on.

Putting staff on notice for possible extra work hours is also on many of the department’s check lists; not just for what might happen in Statesville, but in case they are needed in other parts of the region. According to Electric Utilities Director John Maclaga, “if the storm should miss us, we will send trucks to help other cities restore power. We will not send trucks until we know the threat of significant outages has passed us.”

More information on preparations will be available Friday and throughout the weekend as the storm moves towards the coast of Florida. It’s unclear how Irma could impact North Carolina, but it’s never too early to prepare for weather emergencies.

The City recommends that you go to for great information about getting yourself and others prepared. Look after your neighbors and make sure they have what they need, too.

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Author: WSIC editor