City of Statesville ready for winter weather

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Crews will continue to spread brine Friday before the storm to help prevent freezing. They hope to hit all 150-miles of streets in Statesville.

Several hours before the storm hits, crews will begin spreading a sand/calcium mix that will help with traction and ice prevention. The priority is to hit the main thoroughfares, bridges, roads around the hospitals and trouble spots first.

When about an inch of snow has accumulated on the roads, the snow plows will begin pushing snow off the streets. Again, the priority is the main roads, bridges, hospitals and trouble spots. Crews are expected to plow all of the city streets, but it depends on the length and amount of snow that falls.

Sand will be re-applied as needed.

Snow removal in downtown requires that the snow be piled up in the middle of the road and hauled off. Please stay out of the downtown area while snow removal is occurring. The combination of traffic and heavy equipment is hazardous.


The snow may be cleared off the roads, but a layer of moisture will be left behind. With temperatures dropping below freezing, ice will form on the roads and continue to be quite dangerous. If you must drive, drive with extreme caution.


About 20+ employees will be working to clear the roads; more will be called in if necessary. They will use 8 truck plows and 2 motor graders to cover the 150 miles of city streets.


Reasonable preparations have been made for what is expected to be a “moderate” event as it relates to power outages. Extra staff has been placed on call and plans are in place to respond to outages as needed.


The most effective way to let the City know about an outage is to call 704-878-3479. Please give your location and any information about what might have happened. Posting on social media or emailing should only be a secondary means to let us know about the problem.


Even though this is not expected to be a freezing rain event which causes the most problems to power lines, falling limbs or other problems can occur. Go ahead and have those flashlights and provisions ready just in case of an outage.


Begin right now to protect your pipes from freezing. Disconnect garden houses from outdoor spigots; insulate outdoor pipes or pipes under the house crawl space; cover crawl space vents.


If a pipe bursts or you notice water running from your house, report it to 704-878-3406 so that your water can be cut off at the street.

If you own a vacant house or unoccupied building, make preparations to protect those pipes as well! PLEASE NOTE: The City does not make repairs to burst pipes inside a property


Preparations have been made to equipment and vehicles; sufficient staffing levels are set with crews on stand-by if needed.


Only call 911 for fire and life threatening emergencies. Call 704-878-3406 to report an accident or other road problems.

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