City of Statesville now collecting yard debris from summer storm


Pictured above: Storm damage in the area of exit 151 in Statesville about one mile from downtown – Picture courtesy of @allyst18 via Twitter


Along with electric lines and non-working traffic lights, Wednesday’s storm brought down trees, limbs, scattered leaves and other yard debris throughout the City. Starting Monday, August 26, the City of Statesville will begin collecting yard debris caused by the storm, using the leaf collection routes to establish the location of where the trucks are working and make sure every street is covered. Collection will begin in Area Four. (residents north of W. Front St. and west of N. Center St.)

If you do not know which area you are in, go to the City’s homepage at and click on “leaf collection” under “Quick Links”. There is an interactive map where you can type in your address. Click on the highlighted dot and then the arrow to find your collection area.

Sanitation crews, along with assistance from several other Public Works Division’s employees, will work for the next several weeks to pick up the yard waste. Here are some reminders:

  • Tree limbs should not exceed five feet in length or weigh more than 75 pounds.
  • Brush should be placed neatly at the curb with all limbs facing the same direction.
  • Yard debris mixed with other materials such as garbage, junk or household trash will not be collected.
  • Stumps will not be collected.
  • Place yard debris in accessible areas on the curb – do not place under wires, tree branches or blocked by vehicles.
  • Yard waste carts can be used for leaves, small branches, sticks and shrubbery clippings. Do not mix with other trash items.

The routes may change due to weather and holidays, but the proposed schedule for pick-up is:

Week of August 26 – Area Four
Week of Sept. 2 – Area One
Week of Sept. 9 – Area Two
Week of Sept. 16 – Area Three

The geographic boundaries for the routes are:

Area One – South of W. Front St. and west of S. Center St./Shelton Ave.
Area Two – South of E. Broad St. and east of S. Center St./Shelton Ave.
Area Three – North of E. Broad St. and east of N. Center St.
Area Four – North of W. Front St. and west of N. Center St.

For more information and updates on the location of debris collection crews, email

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