Catawba County Detention Facility Reports COVID-19 Cases


On Thursday, 07/30/2020 administrators with the Catawba County Detention Facility (CCDF) contacted the Catawba County Department of Public Health to report COVID-19 cases amongst both staff and inmates. This report follows information received from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety concerning inmates arriving at state prison facilities from CCDF who have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. A total of six (6) CCDF inmates and nine (9) staff members have tested positive.

At present the CCDF is aware of two (2) inmates remaining in the facility who are COVID-19 positive. These inmates and others who have come in contact with them have been quarantined. CCDF staff and it’s onsite 24/7 medical facility are monitoring this situation and are partnering with Public Health to prevent further exposure.

Staff cases and exposures are being monitored as well with additional testing and quarantining taking place as needed.

Since March of this year when the COVID-19 pandemic began to come into focus the CCDF has worked to minimize the potential of exposure and spread inside the facility. All staff members wear masks. Masks have also been issued to all inmates. Inmates entering CCDF are quarantined and assessed for COVID symptoms prior to being placed in general housing. These and other safety measures are incorporated in CCDF’s COVID-19 response plan.

Sheriff Brown: “We are working with local and state health officials to ensure that all preventive measures are taken to best protect both our staff and inmates”.

Catawba County Health Director Jennifer McCracken: “Unfortunately, COVID-19 can spread rapidly through this type of facility, and we are working in partnership with the Sheriff’s Office to ensure that cases are quickly identified and appropriate prevention measures are taken”.

Author: Margaret Beveridge