Carson shares his message in NC

Dr. Ben Carson spoke to a group at Berea Baptist Church in Winston-Salem Tuesday.
Dr. Ben Carson spoke to a group at Berea Baptist Church in Winston-Salem Tuesday.

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson didn’t specifically ask for any votes in Winston-Salem yesterday.

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Instead, the easy-mannered candidate brought applause from the audience at Berean Baptist Church through stories of his upbringing that he connected with the big issues.

(AUDIO: Dr. Ben Carson): “If they can keep you from talking about important issues and they can simply change it without a discussion, then they’re way ahead of the game. And, they don’t even care if you don’t agree with them, a s long as you sit down and shut your mouth. And we have to stop sitting down and shutting our mouth.”

Carson touched on a range of topics including the size of government, the second amendment, education, social programs and others.

(AUDIO: Dr. Ben Carson): “You know Thomas Jefferson said it is immoral to pass on debt to the next generation. You know, if we could somehow through a time machine bring him here today, he would immediately stroke out. I mean, he would not be able to believe…”

Asked about how he would reach non-Christians with that part of his message, Carson said he believes that is the base in America.

(AUDIO: Matt Anderson): “That is our 100% reason for supporting him is his Christianity belief.”

Thomasville resident Matt Anderson. In addition to yesterday’s event, Carson also visited Victory Junction – a camp for children with serious medical issues built by the family of NASCAR driver Richard Petty.

You can see video highlights of yesterday’s speech on our Facebook Page.

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