Brad Keselowski launches advanced 3D printing company in Statesville

Pictured above: Brad Keselowski and one of the 3D machines in use at the new facility – WSIC photos

STATESVILLE, NC (WSIC) – NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski is investing more than $10 million to launch a 3D printing company in Statesville.

Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing currently employees more than 30 near the Statesville Regional Airport.

“The decision to start KAM is one that’s been many years in the making,” says Keselowski.

“Starting back from my family’s ability to manufacture and engineer their own custom parts to my experiences in motorsports where I’ve seen some of the latest and greatest cutting-edge technology and it’s capabilities and thought for a long time why is this not available to the mass market? Why is this not available to other industries that could do great things with it? Out of that… the vision and the fire for KAM was born.”

The company is considered a hybrid manufacturer that can serve custom needs of automotive, aerospace and other industries. While the business is just outside of city limits, Statesville Mayor Costi Kutteh is excited.

“It’s fantastic. Super high-powered advanced manufacturing is all we’ve been hearing about for three, four, five, six years. And to have one of our own right here in our back yard do it just is exhilarating.”

Brad Keselowski is the sole investor in his new business. He could employ as many as 100 people by the end of the year.

Keselowski further explains the new business:

Author: WSIC editor